Living by the sea is so inspiring I am compelled to paint it. 

For the past 25 years I have spent many happy days in and around beautiful Pittwater. Swimming in her, boating on her, camping by her, renovating a small shack on the edge of her and painting her! Always changing, yet at the same time always familiar. Pittwater is my inspiration, my home. It’s where I love to live and where I love to capture the feeling of the landscape, the ever changing light and movement in the sea and sky, through my paintings on salvaged wood. 

Painting on wood that has been weathered by the elements and aged by the sun’s rays provides the movement and texture that beautifully captures the sea and sky. Part of the experience is foraging for the materials to find that individual piece. Recycling them in this way feels as though I am giving them back to nature and the sea, aswell as being able to pass them on in an environmentally friendly way.

I enjoy sitting in the landscape as I paint it … on a rock beside the sea, under a tree in the bush, on the sand at the beach, holding a brush in my hand and mixing the colours on a palette with sea and rain water. I also use the many photographs I have taken and sketches as inspiration for my work.

I create these paintings to capture lasting memories and connect us with nature.

Hope you enjoy my little scapes!